Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's Tweety - I mean Chris Mathews - show

Just watching Tweety's show - I suppose the local NBC station is showing it late, perhaps to accommodate Wimbledon.
The talking heads are discussing bipartisanship - and keep making the point that McCain has a better record of working across the aisle, while Obama talks but hasn't walked.
Morons - they only focus on the US Senate, not on the eight years Obama spent in the Illinois State Senate. I suppose if it didn't happen in DC, it doesn't matter. That probably happens to people when they spend way too much time in DC... Happens to journalists, politicians, even activists.

Obama has done a lot in the Illinois State Senate - gathering bipartisan support for legislation on video-taping police interrogations, for one, and apparently also for ethics and health care reform (WaPo link via Wikipedia). Per the WaPo article:

"...he reached Republican-dominated Springfield as a committed liberal...

Yet he emerged as a leader while still in his 30s by developing a style former colleagues describe as methodical, inclusive and pragmatic. He cobbled together legislation with Republicans and conservative Democrats, making overtures other progressive politicians might consider distasteful.

Along the way, he played an important role in drafting bipartisan ethics legislation and health-care reform. He overcame law enforcement objections to codify changes designed to curb racial profiling and to make capital punishment, which he favors, more equitable."

Add that long record to his work in the US Senate, on nuclear non-proliferation with Dick Lugar, the now-famous plan to reduce US fuel consumption in co-operation with Republicans Lugar, Gordon Smith, and Norm Coleman (in addition to Democrats Dick Durbin, Jeff Bingaman, and Joe Biden), etc... So what do these talking (pin)heads mean that Obama hasn't walked his talk?

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