Thursday, December 18, 2008

Calling BS on Obama #1

[#1, because I am sure there will be many opportunities over the next four years.]

Obama has chosen Rick Warren, mega-church pastor, evangelist, and CA-Prop 8 supporter to deliver the invocation at his inauguration.  Which is fine by me.  But here's Obama defending his position on GLBT rights:
Obama also said he's known to be a "fierce advocate for equality" for gays and lesbians, and will remain so.
But equality apparently does not extend to same-sex marriage:
Obama told MTV he believes marriage is "between a man and a woman" and that he is "not in favor of gay marriage."
And that's where I call BS.  Either allow same-sex marriage, or make the government recognize only civil unions for everybody, gay or straight, and let individual faiths/churches/whatever decide what "marriage" is.

Update: Actually, I now do have a problem with Rick Warren.  According to Kathryn Kolbert of People for the American Way:
But it's not just his support for Prop. 8 that is so galling to equality activists.
It's that Warren, in an interview with, has since equated allowing loving same-sex couples to get married with redefining marriage to permit incest and pedophilia.
That is just plain Santorum-level stupidity and bigotry.

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