Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On local media: The Deuce

Recently, KWGN/Ch2 rebranded itself The Deuce, and moved its programming around.  The local news is at 7.00 PM instead of 9.00 PM earlier (itself a head start on the usual 10.00 PM newshour.)  This meant I was quite confused last Thursday when I switched on the telly and didn't find Smallville - instead, talk about the Cutler saga.  So I was bummed for a while.

Some thoughts off the top of my head:
1. Maybe a 7.00 PM newshour is a good time - so I can watch something else at 7.00 PM and not miss my Ch2 shows.
- Gossip Girl!? vs The Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother?  Still, I watch Two-and-a-Half Men at 8.00 PM - sorry, but CBS wins Monday nights.
- Still, I can come home late from work, before 8.00 PM, and not miss The Reaper or Smallville (though the latter should be pulled... Grow the frak up, Superman!)

2. On the other hand - just watched Daybreak on Deuce, the morning show.  What I liked was its focus on local stuff - where NBC has Today or CBS/ABC have their national morning shows, The Deuce appears to have a purely-local morning hour (maybe I am wrong.)  But I much prefer to hear from Denver Mayor Hickenlooper on the TV - I get my national news online, and much of the national morning shows are blather anyway.

3. If Ch2 wanted to pull me in for the 7.00 PM newshour - I'd like a focus on local issues, maybe coverage of local businesses or even better, the arts scene.  Maybe have one of the many local bands play, along with a brief interview, and tease it via Tweets all day long.  Maybe the 7.00 PM newshour does this anyway, but I don't know about it (hence, the Tweasers!)

Off to work!

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