Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Collection of videos

My favored method is Twitter or Tumblr, but neither provides the ability to combine multiple videos into one post, AFAIK. So here goes:

Prabhudeva, Kadhalan (Urvasi, Urvasi):

Prabhudeva, Gentleman (Chikku bukku... THE BEST! And Gauthami is BEAUTIFUL!)
[Key phrase: "If we ride a bike, you want a motorbike; if we ride a motorbike, you want a Maruti car!...If we wear jeans, you want baggy pants; if we wear baggy pants, you want a veshti!"
Also: The coolie, who is Prabhudeva's rival, is...Prabhudeva's brother, Raju Sundaram!]

Another Prabhudeva classic from Kadhalan (Mukkala, Mukkabala):

OOOOOH URMI!!! Rangeela (Tanha, Tanha):
(Confession: I once owned a pair of golden-colored pants and a black shirt with purple floral print accents, which I thought looked awesome. I was 17 or 18.)

Another video from Rangeela, Aamir Khan and Urmi (Kya karen, kya na karen):
[Key phrase: "On one hand, I I love her... on the other, I am afraid to tell her, fearing rejection!"]

Good night!


Annapakshi said...

Songs that featured in the 90s when you were in India :)

Unknown said...

Gauthami is a hottie, if she's the one in the green thing.

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