Saturday, April 12, 2008

CNN analysts and (gasp!) President Clinton agree with Senator Obama!

From The Jed Report (which is a great source for video clips), here are Gloria Borger, Jeffrey Toobin and Jack Cafferty analyzing the McCain-Clinton attacks on Senator Obama's "people are bitter" remarks:

And again, via TJR, President Clinton expresses pretty much the same sentiments as Senator Obama:

As the CNN analysts point out, Senator Obama's comments (which the Senator has admitted could have been phrased better) are factually accurate. Historically, in economic downturns, folks end up blaming others (immigrants, gays, other religions, etc.) for their ills, even if (and as is usually the case) the economic distress is caused by government policies more suited for (and often written by) billionaire industrialists and stock-holders.
An example - for the most part the Chinese are happy to let a bunch of Commie dictators run their country, because the dictators have cannily opened up their country to foreign investment that produces jobs on a massive scale. Has anybody heard of Tiananmen Square, 1989-style rumblings recently?

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