Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free Tibet!

Or at least make it genuinely autonomous...

As the Olympic torch makes its way to China, it passes through India this week. Apparently, around 10,000 police officers will be deployed - in addition to other security forces - along the 3-mile route in Delhi:
"the President of Indian Olympic committee, Suresh Kalmadi, would only say: “We don’t want scenes of what happened in Paris and London to be repeated here.”"

Several prominent personalities have withdrawn citing different reasons - health (cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, the world's best batsman, has had a groin injury for a while); "strong personal reasons"; but best of all, to stand by the people of Tibet - that's India's soccer captain, Bhaichung Bhutia.
Also, "Kiran Bedi, India’s first senior female police officer, withdrew last week, saying that she did not want to “‘run in a cage.”"

Complete story at the NYT.

[Before anyone accuses me of hypocrisy over the Kashmir issue, see this post.]

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