Wednesday, November 5, 2008

End of an election

President(-elect) Barack Hussein Obama.


Landslide, baby, landslide!  Popular vote by 6.34 million, or ~5% according to CNN as of 0200 Mountain time, Nov 5.  Electoral votes: Obama 349, McCain 159, as per's aggregate of the different networks:
- CBS/Fox/NBC/AP have called IN for Obama.
- NE's CD-2 EV is still outstanding as per  So are MO, NC, MT.
- At least CNN has called MT for McCain.  So McCain's up to 162.
- The AP has not called GA for McCain (via an excellent diary at dkos) - apparently because approximately 600k early votes cast in metro Atlanta are still outstanding, which is almost twice McCain's 245k lead.
- Obama's ahead in NC by 12k votes out of 4.2 million cast.  Looks like Obama has won NC!  So Obama's up to 364 EVs.

Yes. We. Did.

p.s. 11/5 PM: I just remembered my post - made almost a full month back - that Obama's EV upper limit was... 364!  This was similar to Larry Sabato's prediction, except he called MO, while I called... IN!  In fact, Sabato's prediction was exactly like the final leads, including the pick of MO rather than IN - per the Pollster trendlines, McCain was ahead a hair in IN (R+1.2, actual D+0.9), while Obama was ahead in MO (D+1.2, actual R+0.2).
Did I just beat the Crystal Ball, with a tremendous assist from, but with the considered pick of IN instead of MO?  Yay!

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