Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's time to take it to the mattresses!

It seems the lesson for Senator Obama out of the March 4 primaries is to sharpen his contrasts with Senator Clinton. He seems reluctant to go all-out negative like she did last week; after all, divisive attacks would be Old Politics.
So the blogosphere is apparently taking up the battle - see this (via Celtic Diva) and this. After all, there are many skeletons in the Clinton closet - the Marc Rich pardon, among others, possibly connected to the Clinton Library donors (see a conservative view here); post-Clinton-Presidency business deals; and the entire host of issues during the Clinton-42 Presidency. After all, if Senator Clinton takes credit for the successes of Clinton-42 and gains votes because she's married to Bill...

I don't see why not - after all, Senator Clinton has been attacking Senator Obama as unprepared and inexperienced to be President (see the Celtic Diva link above for a great video), since apparently these would be the charges the Republican campaign and their surrogates would be leveling (in addition to rumor-mongering and preying on intolerance/bigotry, which Clinton-supporters are also doing). So - in the best interests of the Democratic Party - a similar campaign should be carried out against Senator Clinton. After all, the MSM has been largely silent on the baggage Senator Clinton carries into the general election...

By the way, here is a great article on the gender victimization card played by Senator Clinton.

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