Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reponses and notes...

The lively discussion on the SurveyUSA 50-state general election poll continues on the board. For some reason, I am having trouble posting my response, so might as well use my blog!
Ciccina [she said I don't consider Senator Clinton as an individual, just as an adjunct of her husband] - I consider the Clintons as equal partners, and pretty much (at this point!) inseparable from each other. My favoring Senator Obama over Senator Clinton has more to do with governing philosophy (Clinton favors attrition) and openness (Clinton's lack thereof). [link, link]

I found a few references directly or apparently attributing the "two for one" or "buy one, get one free" quotes to President/Governor Clinton. That's a March post "Two for the price of one."

Erik Hare [he said - what should Senator McCain do?]:
Apparently, Karl Rove thinks this extended Democratic fight is *bad* for Senator McCain, as it keeps the spotlight on the Democrats... At least, that's what I think I heard on the morning talk shows.

Uri [fails to see my point about Senator Clinton not being any Woman]:
I was trying to separate opposition to Senator Clinton (Obama) from opposition to Women (Blacks). There may be some latent sexism and racism where it matters - among voters, forget TV talking heads - but hopefully not so much.

As for Americans being upset over the Monica Lewinsky thing - maybe it's the purported puritanical history of America, the rise of the Christian Right in recent times, and the fact that President Clinton lied under oath about it. If he had just admitted to having sexual relations with "that woman," I think the repercussions would have been less (not zero.)

Believe me, if Senator Clinton's the nominee, all that baggage - pardons, Presidential library donations, everything - is coming out. If not directly by Senator McCain, then by the 527s.

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