Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The morning after Junior-Super Tuesday!

The previous post might have sounded like a sore loser - but hey, those stories about prejudice against Senator Obama came out in the press before March 4, and I had written about one other, similar story earlier as well! [That's my fig-leaf, and I am sticking with it!]
Anyway, on to my adopted US-home state, Pennsylvania! Not forgetting the Wyoming caucuses and Mississippi primary in the next week, of course, both of which Senator Obama should win. In the mean time, I went through my earlier posts to see what I had written... and I guess one prediction came right (Senator Clinton would not blow-out Senator Obama in both Texas and Ohio), while another apparently has not (Senator Obama could win either Texas or Ohio by a whisker) - thus far, only 36% of the Texas caucus precincts have reported results.

Here are my previous posts:
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On how things will stand on March 5 - posts on Feb 12 and Feb 13.

And now, Senator Clinton is back to the "dream ticket" idea... with her on top, of course (no pun intended!) Again, something I had written about earlier (along with many others, to be sure). I still think the person with most delegates should be the Presidential nominee...

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