Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pork in the ESP

Senator John McCain and other Republicans keep charging that the stimulus bill is packed with "pork" - presumably spending on Congressmen's pet projects in their different states/districts.  McCain et al. claim this is wasteful spending that increases the budget deficit (never mind that the same people supported the Bush tax cuts, which lead to the existing huge deficit in the first place).
Here's an idea - how about cutting out all portions of the bill that send such "pork" to the protesting legislator's district/state?  "No funds for Arizona!"
McCain presented an alternative plan that was composed mainly of tax cuts (defeated by the Senate), and Mitt Romney apparently claims that the ESP stimulates the government, not the economy (which, presumably, needs only tax cuts, and more tax cuts).  Memo to McCain (and Romney) - you LOST.  You put forth such plans and "pork" was the signature issue of your campaign, compared to the "not big or small government, but better goverment!" rhetoric of Obama.  And guess which path the American people chose?  That's right, NOT YOURS.  So stuff it!

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