Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ron Paul on the ESP

Ron Paul, the lone anti-war GOP Presidential hopeful (but weirdly, anti-abortion rights for a libertarian), apparently thinks the economic stimulus package is "pure spending."  He is proud of the House Republicans for not voting for the ESP, and thinks Senators Collins (R-ME), Snowe (R-ME) and Specter (R-PA) "caved in and went with the Democrats" by agreeing to vote for the ESP.
To be fair, Paul says Republican actions over the past eight years are also to blame for the current economic crisis, and Republicans can't blame Democrats for it.
However, the problem is that Ron Paul is not in government and is not responsible for the consequences of his proposed actions - let the stimulus be provided by "market forces, by individuals, by businesses making proper decisions" and not by the federal government (which, presumably, should only concern itself with preventing women from having control over their own bodies.)
Besides, in case Paul forgets, the current economic crisis was caused by "market forces, by individuals, by businesses making [im]proper decisions" - and there's no guarantee that these verisame idiots have seen the error of their ways.  For instance, the $18 billion in bonuses to Wall St executives and junkets - (indirectly) paid for by tax payer bailout money.
Memo to Ron Paul: Either come up with a better, new idea, or STFU.

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