Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blast those ESPN commentators!

Got up in the middle of last night, and got to watch the final three sets of the Australian Open between Federer and Nadal.  Nadal won, of course - an amazing feat after his epic semi-final.  I feel really sorry for Federer - he just doesn't seem to be able to beat Nadal these days.
But at the end, instead of showing the trophy ceremony, the ESPN commentators - I think Brad Gilbert, Darren something, and another guy - just kept talking and analyzing the match.  One of them even said "the ceremony is going on..." Why the heck would you not show it?  Frustrated, I switched off the TV.
Turns out, Federer broke down during the ceremony - he probably couldn't figure out how he lost (the fifth set was a complete disaster.)  A great champion showing his very human side - and I didn't see it because of the idiot commentators on ESPN.
I hate ESPN.

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