Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Remove the AMT patch from the stimulus package!

This is a message I sent to Senator Bennet (D-CO); a similar message was sent to Senator Udall (D-CO) and Congressman Polis:
"I was a canvas captain in North Boulder for the Obama-Udall campaigns, and am glad we were able to win the election. I hope to work for your successful re-election in the future.
The compromise economic stimulus package includes a 1-year Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch. However, these short-term fixes to the AMT have been an annual feature for a while now. If the AMT patch was not included in the current, one-time, special stimulus package, the AMT patch would be passed by Congress later in the year anyway!
Including the AMT patch increases the cost of the stimulus package*, and has driven many worthy spending projects, particularly in education, out of the stimulus bill.
The AMT patch was forced in by Senator Grassley (R-IA), who isn't even voting for the stimulus bill!
I strongly urge you, Senator, to remove the AMT patch from the stimulus package, and avoid cuts in useful spending, particularly funding for NCLB, Head Start/Early Start, and Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service."

* Should have noted - by $69 billion!

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