Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Tuesday, another primary... WVa edition

Senator Clinton has handily won the West Virginia Democratic primary - the margin will be around 35%. The Jed Report says Senator Obama, following this huge defeat, has decided to drop out of the race... ;-)

Looking through the exit polls:
1. A fifth of the voters - in a Democratic primary - said race was either the, or one of the, important factors in deciding their vote. This subgroup went for Senator Clinton over Senator Obama 6:1. If that's the fraction that openly admits race was a big factor and voted for the candidate of their race...
2. One bright spot - Catholics were 8% of voters, and split almost evenly, 52-45 Clinton. Hey, that's an improvement for Senator Obama!
[See his "problem" with Catholics here, for instance. Even if Senator Obama appears a natural for the Catholic Reagan Democrat vote.]

On to Oregon... and oh yeah, Kentucky.

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