Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random stuff

Just had some Laphroaig, decided to write down some random thoughts....

Laphroaig is really harsh. Very peaty. Still, I probably will buy it the next time I buy Scotch. [For moi, whisky has to be Scotch. Bourbon - tried Maker's Mark, but - naah!] Definitely no blends like Chivas, though.

While I watch 24 on occasion (like now), I don't like it at a philosophical level. The only Brown person I've seen on it is Kal Penn, who's initially shown as someone persecuted as a terrorist by Afraid White Men, is given shelter by his Kind White Neighbor, but turns out to be a terrorist anyway. But with Fox, what else can one expect? [One of the producers of 24 was the Commencement speaker at my grad school graduation. Oh well.]

Couldn't watch all of Keith Olbermann's rant on the Senator Clinton/RFK assasination remarks. Another parsing-the-words scandal, which I think is stupid. Senator Obama has had his share of unfortunate remarks. People need to grow up.

I thought Senator Chuck Hagel could be a good VP pick for Senator Obama, but apart from the Iraq War, all other positions appear Regressive (did I just make up that term?) So NO (SecDef, maybe). Senator Jim Webb - maybe, but reading some comments on DemConWatch has suggested George Allen lost Virginia with his macaca moment more than Webb won VA. So maybe not. Governor Sibelius - I like her, even if she can't turn Kansas blue. A commenter on DCW pointed out Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee - could be a good choice, even if not female. [Yes, I am partial toward a female VP. Only way - now - to get a woman into a leadership position, which can be important to changing public perception. While on that, whatever happened to Geena Davis as Commander-in-Chief?]

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