Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'twas the night before... IN and NC!

Just saw Chuck Todd on Charlie Rose. Much of the 1/2-h interview appeared to focus on Senator Clinton's chances at the Democratic nomination - which lies through NC, as per Todd, and her chances there - he puts it at 10%, and credits it entirely to "Bubba" - aka President Clinton. They also talked about how the Jeremiah Wright controversy was hurting Senator Obama.
So now I am a little worried - SurveyUSA's last NC poll did put the race at 50-45, Obama. Could suburban voters be deserting Senator Obama, as happened in PA?
That got me thinking about Jeremiah Wright (I now find it hard to use the "Rev." title). Why would he come out again and NOW, as he did recently on Bill Moyers, before the National Press Club, and in Detroit at an NAACP meeting?

Folks have written that Wright is a petty man, longing for the spotlight... Or he wants to hit back at the attacks on him. But I wonder if his re-emergence is a perverted wish to see Senator Obama lose the Democratic nomination. After all, Senator Obama, in his widely-praised race speech in Philadelphia, repudiated all the despicable notions Wright held - that the USA is not a static society held back by race, that things have changed since Wright's formative years (which, presumably, led to the dumb ideas Wright put forth). After all, if Senator Obama becomes the President of the USA, that means there are much fewer obstacles for Black achievement - and that Wright is wrong.

What better way for Wright to prove himself right, than to make sure Senator Obama loses the Democratic nomination, due to the racial polarization that Wright surely knew would ensue from his inflammatory speeches?

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