Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's State of the Nation address

Just watched Obama's first address to Congress.  Pretty good, I thought - and I went through two beers cheering him (even stopped drinking about 2/3-rds of the way through!)
Most important: "Get a high school diploma - for your country!"  Encouraging every American to get at least a year of education after, whether 4-year/community college, vocational training, etc.  And another push for his "tuition subsidy for community service" idea.  Asked Congress to get the Hatch-Kennedy bill to his desk (what is that about?)
Second - health care reform can't wait any more, not a hundred years after Teddy Roosevelt first said reform must occur (at least, I think the Teddy R reference was to health care reform!)
Third - renewable energy sources, with equipment made here in the US (not batteries from Korea).  Shame that China is apparently spending more on energy than anyone else (IIRC.)  I wonder if that will worry folks about protectionism...
Of course, talk about the economic stimulus plan, details for the housing and banking recovery plans.  Especially reducing yearly mortgages by $2000/average American family.  Mentioned that Minnesota has 57 police officers on the roads due to the ESP.
And reducing the federal deficit by half during this term - but emphasizing repeatedly that folks making less than $250,000/year would not see a tax raise (a campaign promise).

I liked the address, obviously!

Bobby Jindal's up.  Sounds weird, like an exaggerated American accent.  The usual Republican clap-trap.  Computers for the Feds - that provides more business for companies and their suppliers and workers!  And as the POTUS points out, Jindal's complaining about 1-2% of the ESP, and using that to paint the rest of the effort with a broad brush.
Jindal's talking about $4 gas - saying we need to improve energy efficiency, increase renewable energy, and "drill, baby, drill!"  Guess what - the ESP tries to do that, at least two of the three.  Too bad he won't admit it.
Jindal's spouting boiler-plate Republican theology ("he will raise taxes!" - nevermind what Obama said about the 250k limit, see above), without addressing the actual POTUS speech, clearly playing politics.  Sad.

Update: Here's the full SOTN address:


Anonymous said...

Hey RS, thanks for dropping by the blog (and adding it to your blogroll!). Did not follow much of Obama's address so unable to comment on that - for our newspapers, its oscars = usa = oscars, right now :)

RS said...

And with good reason!
[Though - despite not having seen Slumdog - I maintain it won because Westerners have never understood Bollywood movies due to the language barrier... :-) ]