Friday, February 8, 2008

Epilogue: Super Tuesday

I figure there are enough delegate score-cards floating out there, so I won't post my own spreadsheet again. My calculations just apportion the state- and district-level delegates according to the state-wide vote; but as of writing (Thursday night), in the 14 states for which CNN has apportioned all elected delegates, my simplistic calculation is off by just 4 delegates total. Clinton +4, Obama -4.

As of Thursday night, CNN allocates 840 elected delegates to Senator Clinton and 831 to Senator Obama. However, 121 delegates are yet to be apportioned. 91 of these are in the Obama-dominated states of Alabama, Colorado, Georgia and Illinois. 27 are in California and Tennessee, which Clinton won handily. So the Obama campaign's projections of a 845-836 Obama-Clinton split for Super Tuesday, thus an overall 908-884 split so far, seems good. Obama wins!

IF Senator Obama comes to Denver with more delegates, I have a hard time imagining superdelegates giving the nomination to Senator Clinton. That would be quite undemocratic, IMHO. Here's looking forward to good ol' Pennsylvania, my American home state!

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