Friday, February 15, 2008

If the NYT says so...

... it must be true! Especially since they endorsed Senator Clinton.

But here is the NYT editorial page calling on Senator Clinton to release her income tax records, to clear the air over the source(s) of the $5 million personal loan.

And here is some disturbing news of wrong vote counts in New York city - some African-American-dominated districts recorded ZERO votes for Senator Obama! To be fair, apparently some districts recorded zero votes for Senator Clinton as well. But the important point is, if Senator Obama gets more votes - say 1/3 of the district vote instead of zero - he would now get a delegate!

Talk about disenfranchising voters - the charge some Clinton supporters now throw at Senator Obama for not wanting Florida and Michigan voters decide the Presidential nominee. Hey, as Speaker Pelosi said, you can't penalize someone for following the rules!

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