Sunday, February 17, 2008

In a little town in Ohio...

This story by the Washington Post talks about people in Lima, Ohio. Interesting story, but here's what struck me, a conversation between two Clinton supporters:

[QUOTE] Pennington told Huenke that she had just returned from the grocery store, where she overheard a young woman gushing about Obama. In the checkout line, Pennington confronted the woman. "Do you know his middle name?" she asked. "It's Hussein. Hussein."

Now, recounting the exchange, Pennington sighed. "It bothers me that these Obama people don't even know anything about him," she said. "They just don't know.

"I mean, don't get me wrong. He's all right. If he gets the nomination, well, we're going to have to vote for him and get behind him because we're Democrats above anything else. But I just don't like the preaching that he's doing. He sounds like an old Bible-thumper to me. I like being talked to. I don't like being yelled at."[END QUOTE]

Of course, they end up saying that if Senator Obama wins the nomination, they will work for him. But this has to be the first time I have heard someone paint Senator Obama as both a Muslim as well as a Christian evangelist... in almost the same breath!

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