Thursday, February 7, 2008

Senator Clinton's money issues...

Apparently, Senator Obama called on Senator Clinton to release her income tax returns, saying he had released his in an effort to be transparent. Update: It looks like he stopped short of asking them to disclose their returns. The abcnews link has a video link, but that keeps directing to a McCain video. Hmph.
The Clinton campaign's response: "When will Senator Obama release the complete details of his relationship with Tony Rezko?" That reminds me of the "Nazi" name-calling in an argument - the moment one party says the opposition is a Nazi, the first party has lost.

Hell, even President George W Bush released his tax returns. So did Senator John Kerry during their 2004 election. So does this mean Senator Clinton is less-transparent than W? Yikes.

I've also read that the story about the Clinton campaign running short of cash may have been a stunt. Though it looks like her staffers offered to go without pay, but the $4 million the campaign raised through Wednesday saved them - for now.

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