Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[Updated] The X-factor?

In my earlier post on the middle-term and outlook for Texas and Ohio, I failed to mention the impact of possible endorsements. This morning, ABC News reports that former Senator John Edwards, the last drop-out in the Democratic primaries, is considering supporting Senator Clinton.

Apparently, a former aide said, Senator Edwards "is attracted not only to Clinton's policy portfolio, but also to her long track record as first lady and as a senator. "He's now in a position where he's thinking, who's really ready to be president?""

Wait a minute - didn't John Edwards attack Senator Clinton's years in Washington as the status quo? Further, it is not like Senator Edwards was much more experienced than Senator Obama - Edwards had just one term in the Senate, yet Edwards kept insisting he himself was qualified to be the next President.

I just hope Senator Edwards stays neutral, just like Al Gore has.

UPDATE: Apparently, Senator Edwards thinks Senator Obama is a wuss. It looks like Time's Mark Halperin used the word "pussy" to describe Edwards on Obama. Yikes. Now, did Edwards himself use that word? In any case, it looks like Edwards will not be endorsing Obama. Oh well. (Links from Kaus.)

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