Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am a blogger, not a journalist!

ST summarizes my blog as an unabashed shill-for-Obama. Mea culpa!

This blog actually started after I read The Lurking Canary; Ciccina over there is vehemently pro-Clinton and anti-Obama, as Senator Clinton is explicitly pro-choice; Ciccina feels Senator Obama is not explicit. I am sure there are plenty of other pro-Clinton, anti-Obama and pro-Obama blogs out there; I shall try to keep from blind-Obamaism, but much of what you read here will be in support of Senator Obama. Note, however, that Senator Obama was my third choice; see here why first Senator McCain and then Senator Clinton lost my support. As I wrote ST:

"As I discover things about Obama that I don't like, I find myself saying, "well, nobody's black or white..." A conclusion I came to when reading (and about) Thomas Jefferson (the closest equivalent to my "hero" in politics). I guess the only "dissent" is that I am biased against the two establishment/entitlement candidates :-) [Most Republicans seem to be voting for McCain to make up for 2000!]"

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