Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor Bloomberg decides not to run...

In an op-ed for the NYT, New York City's Mayor Bloomberg says he is not - and will not be - a candidate for President.
Mayor Bloomberg's op-ed is largely filled with in-country concerns, with nary a thought for the Iraq war, which has resulted in tens of thousands of deaths (Iraqi and American), is a drain on the US economy, and has taken the focus away from the real war on terror in Afghanistan and Bin Laden. Not a word about Iran's nuclear ambitions or Russia's slide back into dictatorship. And his only thought about global climate change is about the cost of mitigation.
Anyway, despite the good Mayor's assertion that an Independent can win the US Presidency - not this year, with Senator McCain the presumptive nominee, without even considering the Democratic nominee. If the latter is Senator Obama, that closes the door completely for an Independent run. No wonder Mayor Bloomberg decided to not run.

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