Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on March 4 and beyond

Beware the Ides of March.... less 11 days!

Senator Clinton's campaign is apparently ready to take "potentially incendiary steps" to stop Senator Obama, though the NYT piece only mentions an attempt to make Michigan and Florida count. And if Senator Clinton wins Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania, they will try to convince the superdelegates to pay attention to the "quality of where the win comes from." Though it seems some, some and some superdelegates are not too warm to the idea of another Clinton presidency! (Lovely bit: "What," Bill Clinton reportedly asked [Governor Bill] Richardson, "isn't two Cabinet posts enough?"[for endorsing Senator Clinton])

Presumably, if Senator Clinton loses any of these big states, even the great Carville (a Clinton-backer, FYI) will accept that "this thing is done." But here is Mark Penn, the chief Clinton strategist, on the Democrat to defeat Senator McCain (surprise... not!) As a reader pointed out to Kaus, Penn puts women and Latinos as both the Democratic base as well as swing voters! (Links from ABC News and Kaus.)

Finally - VP Rice? I don't think so - it would be too easy to paint McCain/Rice as GWB, Term 3. Maybe Secretary Rice's budget-balancing act at Stanford might provide some economic policy muscle to the GOP ticket, but both Senator McCain and Secretary Rice are national security/foreign policy experts. Shouldn't the VP slot complement the P?

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